Little People, Great Purpose


Hello! We are passionate about teaching the children to know God, love God, and serve God. We seek to help children build Godly characters and treat themselves and others according to the Bible’s teachings. Our Sunday Schools and events throughout the year are filled with fun, creative, and engaging activities designed to foster the children’ faith. Please join us on Sundays at 11am. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.



Sunday School on Sundays at 11am

Kids from 18 months to grade 6 are welcome!


We strive to build environments that are fun, exciting, inviting and inclusive. We use age appropriate materials and divide our kids into 4 classes: toddler (18m - 4y), junior (JK - G2),  intermediate (G3-4), and senior (G5 - 6).

我們努力打造有趣和包容的環境。我們使用適合不同年齡段的教材,並將孩子分成四個班級:幼兒(18個月 - 4歲)、小班(幼稚園 - 二年級)、中班(三年級 - 四年級)和大班(五年級 - 六年級)。

What's On

During the “This or That” series, kids will hear a portion of the Big Bible Story, then they’ll have to predict what happened next, this or that. Did Timothy join the mission or did he wait until he was older? Did Paul jump ship or did he ride out the storm? All the while, kids will hear how God built His church by helping ordinary people make extraordinary decisions. Moreover, they’ll discover that they too can make bold choices that help build the church today. 


在“This or That”系列中,孩子們將聽到聖經故事的一部分,然後他們將預測接下來會發生什麼,是這樣嗎? 還是那樣?  提摩太會參加這次任務嗎?還是他會等到長大一點?保羅會跳船嗎?還是他會在風暴中堅持?與此同時,孩子們將聽到上帝如何通過幫助普通人做出非凡的決定來建立他的教會。 他們也會發現,他們也可以做出大膽的選擇,幫助建立當今的教會。


Fun Times