Good Friday

Every year at this time Christians around the world gather to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. Each year our church gather along with several other churches in our neighborhood for a joint good friday service.

For 2021, there will be a worship service premiering on our Youtube channel on April 2nd at 730pm.

Aftewards, you are invited to hop on either zoom or discord for face to face small group sharing time.

For grade 9-12, join Discord:

For university and young professionals, join Discord:

For young families and adults, join Zoom:

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ after dying on the cross for us 3 days prior. This worship service will be full of hope, with a message centering on how the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us a particular power to live meaningfully through the pandemic.

Join us on our Youtube channel on April 4th at 930 AM.