CPF Transition

Beginning May 5th, CPF is moving the Sunday service from Evergreen, across the street, to CEACT main building. We will run our worship in the sanctuary, and move the service time from 10:30 ~ 11:45 AM to 9:30 ~ 10:30 AM.


Our Sundays will look like this:


  1. 930 ~ 1030 -- Sunday Service
  2. 1030 ~ 11 -- Walk over to Evergreen. Enjoy snacks, tea, and conversation.
  3. 11 ~ 12 -- Crosspoint Hour
  4. 12 ~ 1230 -- Clean up and return to CEACT
  5. 1230 -- Lunch  


During Crosspoint Hour, we will mainly run two types of programs. First, there is the Praise & Worship Prayer meeting, where we will sing songs, pray for the church, ourselves, and our community. The second type of activity is based heavily on small group. We will spend half the time in discussion on the sermons, or a short lesson taught by CPF leaders, and the second half sharing about our lives and praying for each other. For more detailed information, see HERE.  

For Parents

  1. Childcare program will start at 930 AM. With the full children Sunday school starting at 11 AM.
  2. We encourage everyone to walk over to Evergreen together right after service, this allows adults to look after the youths
  3. There is a WeChat carpool group. If you can provide rides or you need rides for your children, please contact Betty (betty@ceact.ca)