What to Expect?

Our church is moving online due to the virus, please see details HERE.

Hello and welcome to Crosspoint for the first time! We know coming to a new church can be intimidating, so here is some information that may answer questions you might have. If you would like more information, or if you would like to let us know in advance that you are coming and you need special help, drop us a messsage!


The Sunday worship service is usually an hour long. We like to start off with scripture reading and prayer, followed by a mix of contemporary songs and time tested hymns. Our sermon is around 30 minutes in length, and a pastor will explain a passage from the Bible and help us apply it to our lives. We end our service with a response song in response, and a prayer of blessing from the pastor.

(Don’t worry, we don’t “pass the plate” around for offering. We also won’t ask you to introduce yourself to everyone.)

After the service, we walk across the street for small group discussion and prayer time, follow by lunch back at the church. Stay and connect with us!


During our service, there is  a kids program for toddlers to grade 6. It is fun, engaging, and Bible related.


If you are coming with children, please come at least 15 minutes early so we can help you check in and meet the teachers!


If you have infants, please join our young parents in the nursery room.

Dress Code

We have a casual dress code. We care about who you are and how God sees you more than your clothing. So please dress comfortably and respectfully!

Time and Location

The service starts at 9:30 AM, but the door opens at 9. Here’s where we meet:

Chinese Evangelical Alliance Church of Toronto

145 Sparks Ave, Toronto, M2H 2S5

Newcomer Newsletter

If you are new to Crosspoint, we invite you to leave us your contact information so we can follow up with you in the upcoming week. We will not use the info for any other purposes.

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